Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The six terms

Adaptation it is how animals get used to a place for survival. an example of adaptation is how animals have to adapt to the environment in the island to survive, in the video the animals have special caracteristics to survive in that especific environment.

variation is when there is different types of species, an examplo of variation is the variation of beacks in the finches, they use the variation of beacks to do different jobs. there are 134 different types of finches.

speciation is when a new species is formed, one example is when the warm currents hit galapagos and new flowers are formed,

Selection is when traits get more popular depending on the environment for example some finches have specific beacks to do their nests on cactus that is a popular trait in the part of the island with more cacti.

Overpopulation is when the supplies don't meet the number of demand of the populatio, this happend when people were starting to go to Galapagos and they didn't find enough food to meet the demand of the people 

Insulation is when a object is totally separated from  another, in this case Galapagos is totally isolated from the rest of the civilization 

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