Friday, March 6, 2015

summative questions genetics 1

1: Your environment is the one that influence more who you are, because humans are made to adapt so if we see curtain  behavior we follow it if, I was born in a place where every one is disciplined and serious I would do the same because I adapt. But both of the impact like for example my dad when he was little he did not concentrate and liked to fool around now I am the one they likes to fool around and has a hard time concentrating, This is because I have my fathers genes and his genetic code is like that and tells him how to behave, 

2: If DNA does not copy it self properly you can have a mutation a mutation is when the DNA code it changed in the mitosis processes, the mutation can be positive, negative, or neutral. a positive mutation can be that your genes tell you to be more concentrate on your tasks, or to be stronger, A negative mutation can be a cancer or a deformation, and a neutral mutation is one that does not have effect, mostly mutations are small and get detected by white blood cells and get killed.

3: One advantage on sexual reproduction is that you are a mix of two genders this is good because if your mom has muscular dystrophy which is a genetically transferred desies and your dad doesn't there can be a chance that you are born without muscular dystrphy, and one disadvantage is that the reproduction rate is slow. Asexual reproduction has the advantage of been able to re create them self's quicker like cells they go through mitosis exponentially so 1 becomes 2 and 2 become 4 and so on, but one disadvantage is that if a one gets a desies every one dies because they are exact copies of each other.

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