Friday, March 13, 2015

stem cells

stem cells
stem cells are a type of cells that are unspecified meaning that they can turn into almost any cell in the body, stem cells have the potential to cure diseases by turning into the damaged tissue, the stem cell has the ability to divide fast and efficiently.

stem cells can be obtained in the umbilical cord by getting the cord blood, in the embryo in a lab making the sperm and egg meet and so the embryo forms then they destroy it and get the embryonic stem cells out from it here is most of the controversi because people Belice that as soon as the sperm and egg meet there is life so they would be killing people that are not even born to save people that have a disease, but from the scientist point of view they are making the egg and sperm meet on a plate so life just wouldn't be formed.

Stem cells can extend human life wich Yould be bad because we are already over populated and if life spam extends the population rate will rise so actually no stem cells shouldn't be used to extend human life, in addition to the over population instead of extending life we could save it by not killing the embryo

So my final thought is that stem cells can be used for recovering fingers or little things but if we are going to use stem cells to increase human life spam we will need to find us a new planet.

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