Tuesday, May 12, 2015

evolution project

The foxes come from the canidae family which is the same family of the coyote fox and the racoon all of them have similar traits. Skull fossils found from different canidae although they are all different animals they all have the same traits of the fox, they all have the long snout and large eye holes wich are in front.

The foxes have many features each varying  their environment. they have long flexible necks that allow them to move their head freely for better sight to catch their prey, they have large eyes in front so that they can see their prey while running they have the nostrils in front to smell prey and predators, also they have sharp teeth and strong jaw muscles to eat their prey without problem, their strong hips give them power to run faster also their compact short toes and feet, using their long leg bones to gain more speed.

The fox in the future will have the traits he needs to catch prey in the wild because in a million years from now humans will not exist, most likely nature will recover itself like it always does,
that means that for foxes they will adapt to catch prey all over the world they will most likely have the basic features like short legs, long snout, large eyes in the front part of the head because these are the features of a runner (like the fox). Foxes have adapted through the years to some environments when humans are gone there will be more varieties of biomes so they will have adaptations for those biomes like different fur colors, different sized ears for surtan environments, and very certainly different types of tails to fit their biome.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The six terms

Adaptation it is how animals get used to a place for survival. an example of adaptation is how animals have to adapt to the environment in the island to survive, in the video the animals have special caracteristics to survive in that especific environment.

variation is when there is different types of species, an examplo of variation is the variation of beacks in the finches, they use the variation of beacks to do different jobs. there are 134 different types of finches.

speciation is when a new species is formed, one example is when the warm currents hit galapagos and new flowers are formed,

Selection is when traits get more popular depending on the environment for example some finches have specific beacks to do their nests on cactus that is a popular trait in the part of the island with more cacti.

Overpopulation is when the supplies don't meet the number of demand of the populatio, this happend when people were starting to go to Galapagos and they didn't find enough food to meet the demand of the people 

Insulation is when a object is totally separated from  another, in this case Galapagos is totally isolated from the rest of the civilization 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

genetic engineering

chromosme mutations

A mutation can affect humans because if a part of the DNA code is changed is like changing the the design on a blueprint, in humans the mutations can be positive negative or neutral most of the time they are neutral but in some occasions the mutation can be negative or positive, for example a negative can be cancer and a positive can be adaptation to the environment.

Friday, March 13, 2015

stem cells

stem cells
stem cells are a type of cells that are unspecified meaning that they can turn into almost any cell in the body, stem cells have the potential to cure diseases by turning into the damaged tissue, the stem cell has the ability to divide fast and efficiently.

stem cells can be obtained in the umbilical cord by getting the cord blood, in the embryo in a lab making the sperm and egg meet and so the embryo forms then they destroy it and get the embryonic stem cells out from it here is most of the controversi because people Belice that as soon as the sperm and egg meet there is life so they would be killing people that are not even born to save people that have a disease, but from the scientist point of view they are making the egg and sperm meet on a plate so life just wouldn't be formed.

Stem cells can extend human life wich Yould be bad because we are already over populated and if life spam extends the population rate will rise so actually no stem cells shouldn't be used to extend human life, in addition to the over population instead of extending life we could save it by not killing the embryo

So my final thought is that stem cells can be used for recovering fingers or little things but if we are going to use stem cells to increase human life spam we will need to find us a new planet.

Friday, March 6, 2015

summative questions genetics 1

1: Your environment is the one that influence more who you are, because humans are made to adapt so if we see curtain  behavior we follow it if, I was born in a place where every one is disciplined and serious I would do the same because I adapt. But both of the impact like for example my dad when he was little he did not concentrate and liked to fool around now I am the one they likes to fool around and has a hard time concentrating, This is because I have my fathers genes and his genetic code is like that and tells him how to behave, 

2: If DNA does not copy it self properly you can have a mutation a mutation is when the DNA code it changed in the mitosis processes, the mutation can be positive, negative, or neutral. a positive mutation can be that your genes tell you to be more concentrate on your tasks, or to be stronger, A negative mutation can be a cancer or a deformation, and a neutral mutation is one that does not have effect, mostly mutations are small and get detected by white blood cells and get killed.

3: One advantage on sexual reproduction is that you are a mix of two genders this is good because if your mom has muscular dystrophy which is a genetically transferred desies and your dad doesn't there can be a chance that you are born without muscular dystrphy, and one disadvantage is that the reproduction rate is slow. Asexual reproduction has the advantage of been able to re create them self's quicker like cells they go through mitosis exponentially so 1 becomes 2 and 2 become 4 and so on, but one disadvantage is that if a one gets a desies every one dies because they are exact copies of each other.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

my monster family

Why might one trait be more popular than others in a particular population?

because there are two types of genotype the dominant and the recessive meaning that the dominant is the gene that is going to take over and eventually become a trait, and for the rececive genotype to become a trait you can not have a dominant because it will take over dominate the rececive and become the trait.

Is it possible for an offspring to have a phenotype that neither the father nor the mother has? Explain your answer.

Yes because each person has 46 chromosomes 23 from the mother and 23 from the father and if the mother gets the blue eye DNA and she also gets the brown eye DNA the brown is dominant and she will have brown eyes and if the father is the same case both have brown eyes but they also have the blue eye chromosome so if they have a baby and the baby has blue eyes is that the baby got the blue eye gene.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The cicle of mitosis

Why is it important that cells copy the DNA exactly? 

This is why, your DNA is you code on how you are DNA is also called the blueprint of life because the DNA tells the body how to make you, if two cells have different DNA you could have a mutation, all your  cells have the same blueprints on how to make you because if not you wouldn’t be you.