Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The final report

The creek is a beautiful place full of life, and having the chance to study it is a great learning experience ,we get to measure there types of living organisms such as plants, trees, and animals. People are planing to build over there and that will destroy the whole ecosystem up at the creek.

I am going to talk about three plant species. First  the feijoa plant it gives a fruit called feijoa, there was an abundance of 3 feijoa plants. The second is called the African hemp there was an abundance 1 of them. And the third is called the eucalipus but it's scientific name is eucalypus globulus there was an abundance of 1 .

There are lots of different species of trees. One of them is the acacia mimosa or acacia there  is an abundance of 1 in my  quadrant, it's hight is 7.45 meters. The other tree called callinandra trinervina or carboneo mesured 7.57 meters and there was one. And last of the trees the magnolia grandiflora or manglolia there was 3 of them, it had a hight of 9.23 meters.

We found lots of animals, here are three:
One that we found was a black spider hanging of its spider web it was about 2 cm squared. The second animal was a gray fish, swimming  against the current of the creek, it measured 21 centimeter. And then third animal was a fast mosquito with stripes, it was very small around 1cm squared. 

The creek is a wonderful place and full of living organisms if we break it down to build we will be killing lot of life. Animals use it as home we saw a birds nest up at a tree it's not fare to kill that family and all animal families up in the creek.

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