Friday, October 24, 2014

summary questions

1 using an example describe why a population could not increse for ever.

because if population increases it may reach its carrying capacity and if that happens the ecosystem will run out of resources. for example if wolfs eat up all the bunny's they will decrees because they will run out of food in this case.

2 what are 2 factors that determine whether a population increases or decreases. 

the first factor would be lack of resources for example if a species docent have enough food to live they population number will decrease, but if a species has too much food their population will increase. 

the other factor would be over population of predators if there are too many wolves that eat the food the food or pray population will decrease , but if there are too little predators then the prey population will increase.

3 give a reason why the human population of earth has continued to increase so much for the past hundred years.

because we are learning to eat every thing and we have a over populated amount of resources but in one moment that will balance out 

Monday, October 20, 2014


definition symbiosis: Is a close relationship between two species

types of symbiosis:
Mutualism in this relationship both species benefit one another for example bees and flowers the flowers need the bees because they polonaise the flowers so that they can reproduce and the bees need the flower because the flower gives them nectar to make honey.

Commensalism in this relationship one species benefits and the other is not helped by no one but not harmed. like for example the a person cooks meal for someone and that person eats it the cooker is not getting harmed or helped  but the consumer is getting helped.

parasitism in this relationship one species is benefited and the other is harmed for example mosquitoes and humans the mosquitoes bite humans and use blood for energy and humans get harmed because they can get a sickness.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

discussion questions

 1. why do we (as scientists) bulid food webs?

Scientists need to find the balance of the food web to build it they need to know how one animal can affect the whole ecosystem. we build them to know what way is the energy going from animal to animal, we also build them to know what is the start of the food web, what is the main source of energy.

2. give an example of how one change might affect many other parts of the ecosystem.

if you remove a part of the ecosystem it collapses, for example lets say we remove a snake the snake eats mice so the mice don't have a predator any more so they over populate if the mice over populates what they eat, plants will be very low populated and mice will eventually die because they don't have what to eat any more, and what eats the snake the eagle the eagle will starve and die.

3. give an example on how one change in La Quebrada might affect the rest of the ecosystem

one change in la quebrada is in like any other ecosystem it collapses.
lets say we take out a fish out that swims in the creek bigger fishes might die because they feed of of that fish, and what does that fish eat aquatic insects and smaller fish the smaller fish and the aquatic insects over populate if that happens what the insects and the smaller fish will eat all theyr food and die.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The final report

The creek is a beautiful place full of life, and having the chance to study it is a great learning experience ,we get to measure there types of living organisms such as plants, trees, and animals. People are planing to build over there and that will destroy the whole ecosystem up at the creek.

I am going to talk about three plant species. First  the feijoa plant it gives a fruit called feijoa, there was an abundance of 3 feijoa plants. The second is called the African hemp there was an abundance 1 of them. And the third is called the eucalipus but it's scientific name is eucalypus globulus there was an abundance of 1 .

There are lots of different species of trees. One of them is the acacia mimosa or acacia there  is an abundance of 1 in my  quadrant, it's hight is 7.45 meters. The other tree called callinandra trinervina or carboneo mesured 7.57 meters and there was one. And last of the trees the magnolia grandiflora or manglolia there was 3 of them, it had a hight of 9.23 meters.

We found lots of animals, here are three:
One that we found was a black spider hanging of its spider web it was about 2 cm squared. The second animal was a gray fish, swimming  against the current of the creek, it measured 21 centimeter. And then third animal was a fast mosquito with stripes, it was very small around 1cm squared. 

The creek is a wonderful place and full of living organisms if we break it down to build we will be killing lot of life. Animals use it as home we saw a birds nest up at a tree it's not fare to kill that family and all animal families up in the creek.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

maping madness

·         The most important map was the map that showed which was the oldest area because it showed an exact area on the map possibilities.

·         I chose the areas I thought were the perfect ones for the tailed frog because they were the oldest ones and didn’t have road through their habitat.

·         Some of the areas had roads going through the center of  tailed frog habitat and what y recommend doing to that areas is moving the road and make it go around.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


My hypothesis was proved right based on the data because the two leafs on the heir 
part of the tree that I measured were bigger than the bottom leaf.

When I measured the lowest leaf it was even bigger because my ruler has placed badly and I almost skipped one centimeter and that would have disproven my hypothesis.

If were to do the experiment again I would have chosen a more creative question.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ringer rule

R they breathe in the trailer when they run

they react to seeing humans feeling love

they eat humans

no evidence in trailer

they breathe out

why are there so many? Because they reproduce

They are alive but in the trailer one ringer rule part did not show on the trailer but that is because they are supposed to be the living dead.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The River Otter

The river otter is a interesting mammal because it can stay 8 minutes under water and they spend most of their life time on land.
Image result for river otter